Before you sign that Yellow pages contract.

A New year, the same ol’ ritual. At least for the people behind the yellow pages. Every year those people go to small businesses and give them their marketing and sales strategies. Originally, this was for phone book ads, and now it has moved on to online advertising, search engine optimisation, and websites.

Of course they did what any wise business person would do and update their strategies with the consumer demand that was rapidly switching from printed materials to new online services. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t doing it right. But how can they charge so much with a product that is wrong? Simple. With business people desiring to hear their phones ring, they make it hard to say no with a familiar but outdated option.

To figure out some key details about their services, here is a list of questions to ask the next Yellow Pages sales person you come across:

  • What methods are being used to ensure quality content? Google states original content that is high quality is the Golden Rule for online success. Is that included with a monthly commitment?
  • How much are Google’s ad prices marked up? Because competitors can buy directly from Google, why should I pay more for the same service?
  • How do you measure success? Is it more than just getting hits or clicks on my page or ad?
  • Is taking over my social media like Facebook included in my commitment?

Honestly, you aren’t going to get an answer you’re excited about from YP. Now ask us. We think you will like what you hear. We offer more for less than them, giving you solutions to your online needs. This includes the right answers to the previous questions- producing high quality, original content, online advertising, search engine optimisation, and social networking.
Now stop worrying. You have new, up to date options. Contact us online or call us at 719.301.7747 and get the online presence you deserve.